About Jonathan Flax

Jonathan Flax

Drawing on his wealth of experience, knowledge of the offshore financial services market and UK tax legislation, Jonathan Flax has helped a multitude of clients across the globe to transfer their UK pensions overseas. His advice is highly sought after and trusted by many senior level executives across Europe and Africa. Jonathan's enviable reputation of giving clients sensible guidance, with an emphasis on tax efficient pension options and prudent investment choices, is second to none.

Born in South Africa, Jonathan has an honours graduate in Hotel Management from the Tadmor School for Hotel Management in Israel. Jonathan was also a member of the International Israeli Rugby team, and represented Israel in the World Cup prelims in 1989.

Jonathan has been in the Financial Services Industry for 20 years, and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Having spent the past 10 years as a pension specialist with the British Armed Forces in Germany, Jonathan is extremely well placed to advise UK expatriates on how best to avoid unnecessary taxation, and maximise their pension pot for retirement.